5 de Septiembre de 2013

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Social Security suspended attention to 20,000 employees for financial
debt of the government, a jealous man cut off ex wife´s hands and more...

These are the most important news in Honduras this thursday:

1. Social Security suspend medical attention for 20,000 government employees

Employees of 19 public institutions and private enterprises defaulter with Honduran social security administration, don´t receive medical attention, reported IHSS director Mario Zelaya. Human Rights Secretary said that ministers are breaking the law.

2. Weather alert for north, west and center of Honduras

A weather alert for 48 hours was declarated in three honduran regions by the emergency committee Copeco. Forecasters predicted rains and storms in Cortés, Santa Bárbara, Ocotepeque and communities near to Ulua river. The alert starts at 15:00 local time on wednesday.

3. Mexico repatriate another five corpses to Honduras

Mexican Air Force will repatriate another five corpses to Honduras from Villahermosa, Tabasco. The bodys belong to honduran immigrant dead in train accident registered on August 25th in La Tembladera, near to Huimangillo, south of Mexico.

4. Honduran Army investigate grenade origin

Intelligence units of Honduran Army investigate the participation of international criminal groups in guns and explosives trafficking intro to the country. Since 8th August, Police and Army had arrested six women with war weapons in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, the most important cities of the country.

5. Man cutting off ex wife´s hands

In front of his daugther, a jealousy man attacked his ex wife with a machete, cutting off her hands. The pasional crime happened in Brisas de Camalote, Santa Bárbara, west of Honduras. Last friday, Gloria Estela Pérez (33) was admit in the Emergency room of Mario Catarino Rivas hospital in San Pedro Sula, because her injuries. Pérez said that German Jeovany Méndez Morales (35) was her husband for 12 years, but they were separated 16 months ago.

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