24 de Octubre de 2013

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Juan Orlando Hernández wins survey over Xiomara Castro, Honduras will give a posthumous recognition to Hugo Chávez and more.

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1. Juan Orlando Hernández wins survey over Xiomara Castro

Just a month before the general election, the polling firm CID-Gallup announced the results of the last survey in Honduras, that places the government candidate Juan Orlando Hernández with five points ahead of his challenger Liberty and Refounding Party (Libre), Xiomara Castro

2. Honduras will give a posthumous recognition to Hugo Chávez

Honduran President Porfirio Lobo is going to travel to Venezuela next weeks, to give a posthumous tribute to Venezuelan died President Hugo Chávez. Lobo will give a "posthumous recognition" to the relatives of Chávez, for his role in the signing of the Cartagena Agreement in May of 2011.

3. El Salvador´s demand is unfounded

The complain about the Conejo island from El Salvador President, Mauricio Funes "is unfounded", said this Thursday the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Honduras, Mireya Agüero.

4. Honduras reported the first death by influenza

The Public Health Ministry of Honduras confirmed today the first fatal case of H1N1 influenza in the country. According authorities, a Haitian man is the first death for the virus in 2013 in Honduras.

5. Navy seized vessels in La Ceiba

The Honduran Navy
seized this Thursday six vessels used for drug trafficking in north of Honduras. The information was confirmed by the head of the Armed Forces, René Osorio. The operation took place in La Ceiba, on the Atlantic coast of Honduras.

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