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Public Ministry announces accusation for prosecutors, Police arrest 40 persons, Honduras among the worst countries for aging and more.

A battalion of Military Police is ready to goes out.
A battalion of Military Police is ready to goes out. (El Heraldo)


These are the most important news on this Wednesday at

1. Public Ministry announces accusation for prosecutors

Next week, Public Ministry will present legal accusation against several prosecutors linked to corruption acts, announced the Prosecutors Director, Rolando Argueta. In September, an Inspector Commission revealed that at least 22 prosecutors are involved in corrupt practices.

2. Military Police goes out

Tomorrow, the first battalion of the Military Police starts to patrol Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula's streets, in a effort by authorities to control  the common and organized crime. More the 1,000 soldiers are training in different areas that will be distributed in two groups of 500 agents in each city.

3. At least 40 under arrest

An operation between National Police, Traffic Police and Criminal Investigation Department, arrested at least 40 persons, suspect for several crimes, in northeast of Honduras capital. Among the detainees are two minors and a woman.

4. Honduras among the worst countries for aging

Honduras is the worst country for aging in Latin America and the number 82 in the world, according the Global AgeWatch Index, created by HelpAge International. The report ranks the social and economic well-being of elderly population in 91 countries, with Sweden coming out on top and Afghanistan at the bottom.

5. Honduran gets humanitarian visa

After being deported from the United States, a Honduran immigrant got a humanitarian visa to stay in that country with her four years old daughter,  with epilepsy, cerebral palsy and ankle problems that make her unable to walk. The girl, who was born in the U.S., will get the treatment that needs.

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